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Crowdcast - Take control of the party playlist
The power of the playlist is now in your hands.Crowdcast is a free iOS app that allows you to create a living playlist where songs can be voted up/down to rearrange the order. Guests can even add their own music to the party.Download for free on iOS!
What is Crowdcast?
  • Vote songs up or down to change the order of a playlist.
  • Add songs to the playlist from your own music library!
  • No Wi-Fi Needed! Multipeer connectivity allows you to host or connect to a Crowdcast on the beach, in a car...virtually anywhere!
  • FREE iOS app. Works on your iPhone, iPad and iPod. Android version planned.
  • Find a song you like? Buy it via iTunes.
  • Share activities from the Crowdcast party on Facebook and/or Twitter.
  • Tag songs you want to remember later. Mark the songs you love as favorites.
View our AppWatch video clip from the weekly segment on NewsWatch TV.
"...To me it's a no-brainer for your next party. Not only does it get your guests more involved, but it also ensures they'll love the music"  - Andrew Tropeano, AppWatchNewsWatch TV covers breaking tech news & reviews. Watch on the History Channel, Biography Channel, and Ion Network.
Vote on the song that is currently playing. See what others are up to in the activity feed!
Vote upcoming songs up and down to change the order of the playlist.
Play Next
Found a song you have to hear right away? Use a play next credit to send it to the top of the list!
Want to remember that great song? Tag it for later. Easily view your list of tagged songs anytime.
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